Advanced Lightsabers Mod 1.7.10

Advanced Lightsabers Mod 1.7.10 is now available to download for all players of Minecraft.

Advanced Lightsabers Mod 1.7.10
Advanced Lightsabers Mod 1.7.10

In order to celebrate the launching of Star Wars: Rogue One, Advanced Lightsabers accepts you and your friends to know the methods of The Force, along with discovering fresh structures and exploring fresh hilt mixtures, augmenting the estimated aggregate mixtures of capability Lightsabers to an eye-watering 67 trillion.

The balance of the Force is now entirely up to you.


  • Drain Life: utilizing the Dark Side, hit the quite life force from your rivals to cure yourself. Give them to the brink with Consume Life, and next imbibe the lives of various Jedi with the Death Field Upgrade
  • Shock: akin to the Emperor, generate out thunder lighting from your fingertips. Advances to Force Lightning and Force Maelstrom to assure the highest devastation.
  • Wound: utilize the force to pound the inside organs of your rivals. After that, force the quite air out their lungs with Choke, until you are the expert of the art of Torture utilizing the force. Even a Sith will consider two times before passing you.
  • Heal: affect the quite midichlorians in your body to instantly fix your cells, with better accuracy with Advanced Healing. Expand your present even to your allies with the Master Healing Upgrade.
  • Fortify: concentrate on your mind that even the most powerful Sith can’t destroy you. Fortify, Advanced Fortify, and Master Fortify decrease the damage generated by exact Force Power for a specified time.
  • Stun: allow the Force to run into your rival’s mind, deactivating their possibility to displace for a short time. Force Stasis expands it more before Stasis Field lets you deactivate various rivals.
  • Stealth: curl the quite light surrounding you, getting you invisible for specified periods. Be aware, for those powerful in the force could still be capable of placing you.
  • Speed: via a mixture of replacing time awareness and muscle increasing with the Force, you get faster for some seconds
  • Sight: the entirety of alive things utilize the force, thus a concentrated learner can focus on it to determine the creatures until you could look at even fellow force users. Experts of the art can even utilize Force Vision to even point out the unviewed.
  • Battle Meditation: well-known by Jedi Sentinel Bastila Shan, you could utilize the Force to sense your allies, giving bonuses to their Force Pool and Melee Damage. This augments in potency and area with Advanced Battle Meditation and Master Battle Meditation.
  • Blade Throw: straight control the arc of your Lightsabers, letting you assail the rivals from the far distance, with Advanced Blade Throwing bringing a better assailing range.
  • Energy Resist: sensing the Force into the compressed package surrounding your body, Energy Resistance, and the Advanced and Master Energy Resist upgrades, let you decrease the damage you receive from different Lightsabers.
  • Force Push: compress and push the air before into a strong burst, letting you repulse the rivals. With Advanced and Master Force Push, the zone and damages generated will augment.

Four new Lightsaber Sets

  • Juggernaut: allow the hate of the False Emperor to run through you.
  • Fury: carry the positive balance of Mace Windu beside you.
  • Mechanical: re-generate the most scared Lightsaber in the Empire
  • Mandalorian: since when Bes’kar will not operate, utilize the legendary Darksaber.

Jedi Temples: This can be seen in most temperate biomes, and include worth Light Forcestone for forges, Holocrons from force training and concealed chests that may include lightsaber composition.

  • Graphically advanced Lightsaber Forge with 2 kinds: Light and Dark variations of the fresh Lightsaber Force can be made by applying the available recipe, utilizing the accurate Forcestone.
  • Power Management System: the entirety opened Force Powers can be handled with the ‘F’ key. Press to change between the 3 on the Hotbar or hold to run the management menu.
  • Hilt Checking: exact mixtures that are too short that cannot be made anymore. You will view this in the bottom-left corner of the lightsaber preview in the Forge.
  • New  Audio for Sith Ghosts
  • Removed Boba Fett

 Existing Features

  • 3D-Rendered Lightsabers (With Lights and Sounds) – Lightsabers can be also turned on/off by shift + right-clicking whilst carried.
  • Double-Bladed Lightsabers – associate 2 lightsabers together in the crafting grid to craft a Double-Bladed Lightsaber, which handles AOE damage.
  • Customizable Hilts, Lightsabers Colors and Effects – first launch ships with 9 special lightsaber kits, which can get their 4 sections exchanged with each other. Associate them with 18 Lightsaber Color crystals to select from, and if you are fortunate enough to look for one, 4 focusing crystals that bring you blade special possessions.

4 Focusing Crystals

  • The Compressed Focusing Crystal brings a slimmer blade similar to the rapier, reminded of those in Star Wars: Rebels.
  • The Cracked Kyber Crystals brings an unstable, ‘fiery’ blade on Kylo Ren’s lightsaber.
  • The Inverting Focusing Crystal brings a black inner blade, similar to Pre Viszla’s Darksaber.
  • The Fine-Cut Focusing Crystal brings a slimmer blade similar to a sword and the same on Pre Viszla’s Darksaber.
  • Lightsaber Crystals – just create in special Crystal Caves
  • Sith Tombs – concealed deep inside the deserts are thee tombs of long-existing Sith Lords, waiting to be looted.
  • Dynamic Loot Integration – lightsaber compositions are entirely built-in into the loot generation for chests in Villages, Dungeons, Jungle Temples, Desert Temples, and Strongholds.

Getting Started

  • To start off your apprenticeship, you have to build a Lightsaber Forge, which asks you to make either Light or Dark Forcestone blocks, by encircling any lightsaber color crystal with plain sandstone, or hardened class corresponding.
  • From here, you could make your forge utilizing.
  • And next, build the entirety of electronics that your hilt will include
  • With that, you will have to collect hilt compositions and lightsaber crystals. You could search for these as loot in vanilla dungeons and villages, crystal caves.


These are all aspects in terms of Advanced Lightsabers that we would like to show you. We hope that this information is useful for you and people who intend to use this mod and get it for your Minecraft world.


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For Minecraft: 1.7.10
Developer: FiskFilleAR