ArmorStatusHUD Mod 1.8.9./1.7.10

If you are getting tired because you have to open the inventory every time you want to know the endurance remaining or simply want to show your current equipped armor and the item being held, then ArmorStatusHUD Mod 1.8.9./1.7.10 could be a useful mod that helps you to know all that information without having to open up the warehouse-like before. It is clear that this mod will display all of that content and allow you to control everything more easily. Download the mod and experience it now!

ArmorStatusHUD Mod 1.8.9./1.7.10
ArmorStatusHUD Mod 1.8.9./1.7.10

About ArmorStatusHUD mod

As mentioned above, this mod has the ability to the user’s currently equipped item and armor, as well as the durability or stack size. That is the reason why thanks to this mod, you can exactly know how many more hits your armor can take in so that you can not be attacked by enemies. The special thing about this mod is the written accompaniment. Text in colors coordinated with the current durability of armor will let you know when armor is doing fine (in green), when it is damaged (yellow) and when it is about to be destroyed (red text).

Besides that, this mod also has the option to show/hide max damage. With this feature, you can easily control everything. Please remember that all the information which appears in the window of this mod can be moved around your game screen as you wish, so you can set it in whatever corner you don’t need to see and it shouldn’t block your vision. So you can comfortably gameplay without distraction.

ArmorStatusHUD is a utility mod created by bspkrs that is the reason why you need to install BspkrsCore if you want to use this mod. Of course, like other mods, Minecraft Forge is also indispensable for this mod to work properly. It certainly satisfies you when using.


ArmorStatusHUD Mod Download Links

For Minecraft Mod: 1.11.2
For Minecraft Mod: 1.10.2
Developer: bspkrs

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