Blood Arsenal Mod 1.12.2/1.11.2/1.10.2

Blood Arsenal Mod 1.12.2/1.11.2/1.10.2 inserts an entire diversity of different tools and mechanics to make up and improve a player’s Blood Magic experience. It should be known that similar to Blood Magic, the entirety recipes can be seen by using Just Enough Item.

Blood Arsenal Mod 1.12.2/1.11.2/1.10.2
Blood Arsenal Mod 1.12.2/1.11.2/1.10.2

Getting Started

If you feel boring with the standard linear opening of early Blood Magic, Blood Arsenal can be your solution. Blood Arsenal inserts some handy tools as well as toys in order to get early Blood Magic slightly easier. To trigger, when you get the Tier II Blood Altar along with the Apprentice’s Blood Orb, you could walk straight and smash some Glass with Flint kept in your hand and then obtain some Glass Shards.

These Glass Shards will be thoroughly beneficial for making items like the Glass Sacrificial Dagger or the Glass Dagger of Sacrifice. These items supply a dramatically better amount of LP every operation compared to the Vanilla Blood Magic variants, yet with several side effects.

If you watch out, you could bleed gently. Bleeding is supposed to be a status effect that will get a chunk of your health incidental for provided that you bleed. The quantity you lose will be incidental as well, yet it is associated with the strength of the Bleeding effect. Don’t be nervous about losing plentiful life at the Blood Altar. If you (or any living thing) bleed close to the Blood Altar, an exact quantity of the lost life will be converted as LP.

Feeling Hungry

If you need something to supply energy, Blood Arsenal will also offer you. Blood Arsenal offers its own Blood Oranges, generated originally from Orange Dye. Just need to throw it into the Altar, leave it to absorb some LP, and you will obtain fairly fresh fruit that offers you an opportunity to bring you Regeneration (The orange possesses plentiful saturation as well)


Blood Arsenal inserts numerous tools, like the starting Blood Infused Wooden Tools. To obtain them, just locate a Log (any log will accomplish) into a Tier II Blood Altar with 5000 LP.

Blood Infused Wooden Tools are thoroughly nifty and beneficial for early game players who do not desire to continue altering their broken tools. The material (Blood Infused Wood) that they are created up of is existing and regenerative, and the tools themselves will “re-bear” and fix themselves through the holder’s Soul Network and a small quantity of LP. The tools themselves are generally greater than stone and equally to iron.

The risk from Glass

Glass can be rather dangerous. However, you could make it as your strength provided that you watch it out. Glass Shards can be blended to generate a block version that is nifty for traps, automatically gather LP, and generally, any location where you ask some spikes.

These spikes will cause bleeding as well as attacking any entity that incidentally comes to it. More to the point, the fact that it will appear on the whole six sides of the block. And any bleeding entities will full-fill a close Blood Altar. Mix these two properties and you will be able to generate an early-game LP collection system close to the Altar. However, you need to watch out that the entities died of spikes or bleeding will leave dramatically fewer mob drops, therefore, these spikes will not be the greatest choice for a mob drop farm.

What’s next?

If you are ready to start coming down the line of Blood Magic and Blood Arsenal, focus on Blood Infused Iron. This material is supposed to be an upgrade from Blood Infused Wood, and the tools are quite more powerful, and the regeneration process is quite faster than the former tier. You have to note that the price of regeneration is more than the former tier as well.

Decorative Elements

Decorative and artistic elements are always an ultimate part of constructing and designing, and Blood Arsenal supplies some nice blocks that adapt well with a Blood Magic themed. For the time being, there is a Blood Infused Glowstone (which can alter the Glowstone blocks of Tier-III Altar), Blood Infused Iron Blocks, and Blood Stained Glass/Panes, along with the former said Blood Infused Wooden Blocks. Besides, there are some blocks for compressed Slates.


Sigils are the most beneficial tool recently, and Blood Arsenal inserts in more.

  • Sigil of Swimming – this will give the ability to swim thoroughly easier under the water, breathe with no limit (for whenever it is available) under t the water, and explore blocks quite faster. Perfect for the player who has to take much time to get wet and work under the water.
  • Ender Sigil – probably one of the most beneficial Sigils ever, this Sigil gives you the ability to approach your Ender Chest just by a right-clicking in the light air. However, you can do more things than that. The Ender Sigil’s actual possibility is to allow teleporting the user at whatever they are setting the sight at, similar to an Enderman do. Just Shift-Right Click during setting the sight at a block through the distance, and then you will be there.
  • Lightning Sigil – this sigil allows you to point-and-click to generate lightning anywhere you desire with a great amount of LP. Moreover, Shift-Right Click on this marvelous piece of stone to toggle tiers which in turn varies how much lightning drops down from the sky.
  • Sigil of Divinity – God-mode reached.
  • Sigil of Augmented Holding – getting out of space with the regular Sigil of Holding? Don’t worry, as this Sigil possesses 9 Sigils in total rather than your normal 5.
  • Sigil of Sentience – this is too complex to be explained, so rather than write a long description for this, we highly recommend you to watch a video to understand it deeper.

Altare Aenigmatica

This is for the entire Altar automatically requirements. This is actually handy blocks, which gets quite complex GUI once started, so you have to read this section carefully. Firstly, you could put it in any of the 6 ways facing the Blood Altar.

Starting the GUI will pop up a quite complex sorting of slots. The most essential thing is that an Orb is tied to the player is forced to be right-clicked on the block itself to be tied to the player. Then, place the Orb into the Orb slot of the Altare Aenigmatica. As of now, any item you desire to make internally the Blood Altar will come into the 9 slots on the left side. The recent items in the Altar will be shown within the Altare Aenigmatica’s GUI.


Below will be the short description in terms of plentiful baubles within Blood Arsenal up to now:

Amulet of Self/Sacrifice – once worn, these will passively gather LP from the corresponding appearance of their name. Both possess a capability of 10 000 LP as well as can be shift-right clicked on the Blood Altar to gain their contents.

Soul Pendants – this item of jewelry functions certainly similar to a Tartaric Gem yet can be brought in the Amulet slot. Similar to Tartaric Gems, they could receive an exact Demon Will kind (corrosive, destructive, steadfast, and vengeful) and can be wielded in the Tartaric Forge.

Ring of Vampirism – this ring will give the ability to the player to absorb the life Essence of close entities that are bleeding. Any existing creatures around a 5-block vicinity that include the Bleeding status effect will give back parts of their lost health to the player.

Tinker’s Construct

Blood Arsenal gets integration with Tinker’s Construct inserting in Blood Infused Wood and Blood Infused Iron as some tool materials.


Blood Arsenal inserts some modifiers for weapons and tools:

  • Serrated – use Glass Shards to a tool. Cause bleeding on anything that the tool hit.
  • Sentience – use a Greater Tartaric Gem to a tool. The first level will get mobs to leave Will. The second level will insert the Sentience modifiers to the tool with the higher levels.

Stasis Tools

Stasis Tools are greatly strong tools with entirely high potential that can be advanced similar to Living Armor. Crafting is finished via the Infusion de Sanguine ritual, and exact modifiers can be inserted into the tools.

Modifiers recipes can be seen in JEI, by focusing on the usages of a Master Ritual Stone or a Stasis Tool and coming to the Infusion de Sanguine Tab. Advances can be next wielded to the tools (by default Level I), and the more you wield the tool and advance, the more experienced the modifiers become.

Once you obtain sufficiently experience with the modifiers, you will view a + icon on the tooltip close to the modifiers externalizing that it is available to be advanced to the following level. Locate it into the Infusion de Sanguine ritual with the precise pieces and quantities and it will be next advanced to the following level.

In case you desire to erase Modifiers from your Stasis Tool, fling the tool into the Sound of the Cleaning Soul, and Modifier Tomes with their corresponding modifier will appear. To insert Modifier Tomes back into a Stasis Tool, place the Stasis Tool into your offhand and right-clicking the Modifier Tome with the main hand.


Head Modifiers

  • Potion (Debuff) – offers an opportunity to place the negative potion effect on the rivals.
  • Bloodlust – augments your tool’s damage every time you assail something. The effect will slowly dissipate if it is not being wielded.
  • Crit Striker – offer an opportunity to crit once assailing something for additional damage.
  • Ember’s Touch – places things on the fire.
  • Razor’s Edge – augments the underlying attack of your tool – not compatible with Bloodlust.
  • Vampiric Fangs – offers your life steal once you assail

Core Modifiers

  • Luck’s Charm – places Fortune on your tool.
  • Loot Farmer – places Looting on your tool.
  • Silky Silk – places Silk Touch on your tool.
  • Shmelty Smelt – smelts items that are collected – level 2 smelts blocks and items.
  • XP-erienced – offers you Xp every time you wield the tool.

Handle Modifiers

  • Potion (Buff) – offers the opportunity to use an advantageous potion to you when you wield the tool.
  • Quick Draw – augments the speed at which you can wield your tool from the Hotbar.
  • Shadow – give the ability to wield a mundane version of your toll once it is disabled.

Ability Modifiers

  • Aura of Destruction – offers the ability to vanish things in a radius surrounding you by keeping and launching right-click – tool possibility use to smashed blocks/creatures.
  • Sigil – encloses an able-to-enable sigil that can be switched on your tool.


These are all about Blood Arsenal that we desire to indicate. This is an actually useful mod since it supplies these plentiful numerous items and blocks. You will be incredibly surprised by what it supplies when you try it since there are some factors that we couldn’t explain. Please remember to install Minecraft Forge before you try this mod to run it effectively and get it to work 100%.


Blood Arsenal Mod Download Links

For Minecraft: 1.12.2
For Minecraft: 1.11.2
For Minecraft: 1.10.2
For Minecraft: 1.9.4
For Minecraft: 1.7.10
Developer: Laton95

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