Diamond Glass

Diamond Glass is a special mod in the game Minecraft with the ability to glass types made from diamonds and carry the properties of Obsidian. Download the mod to your device to explore in more detail.

About Diamond Glass mod

This type of glass in Minecraft Mod is made from diamonds and sand. Diamond glass blocks, panels, slabs, and steps all possess good resistance from Obsidian, it’s hard as a heck used to drop everything, has special textures, has no veins and no membranes. The rest of the support block is made of sand and was only added because it was aged in the natural process of the Diamond Sand block.

As we all know, diamonds are a rare real-life resource in the Minecraft world. Diamond mining is very difficult, which is why players want to find alternative products to diamonds. Therefore, there is nothing that you will ignore this owner’s mod in the future.

Diamond Glass mod requires Minecraft Forge to work effectively.

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