Divergent Underground Mod 1.12.2

Divergent Underground Mod 1.12.2 is a partial series of mods created to revolute and enlarges on the diverse crafting areas in the Minecraft world.

Divergent Underground Mod 1.12.2
Divergent Underground Mod 1.12.2

Divergent Underground is advanced to be a center ground between semi-pragmatic and simplicity and to combine into Vanilla Minecraft greatly. This is not a rewrite or knockoff of Improved Extraction as some statements. This mod was in the process month before being launched.


Divergent Underground alters block drops for the whole quantity ò naturally inflicted rocks with an item drop. This is finished to be slightly more pragmatic, as an artistic option alongside a little bit disapproving players from exploring numerous quantities of ore in a trip by simulating a weight mechanic, without really accomplishing a weight mechanic.

Players will be forced to compress stones into their block format (2×2) recipe, get further journeys, construct a minecart system, or select to drop these materials behind so as to halt their inventory from obtaining shambled with a rock.

The whole quantity of stones can be made into their cobblestone shape with a sole 2×2 recipe, and cobblestones are inserted for diorite, granite, and andesite.

Ores and Gem

Along with altering stones, all ore-blocks will get their block drops to be altered with an item partner for the same reasons. By default, Divergent Evolution will insert straight ore item melting, similar to their ore blocks, yet this can be deactivated if you desire to vary melting advancement or deal with ore process disparately. Ore Items are developed to be utilized with optional recipes to get it quite simpler to deal with the optional ore process.

As gemstones do not get out of the glazing ground and available for usage, their drops have been altered with uncut version. (This can be turned off in the config). The uncut gems are forced to be cut by utilizing a chisel, and doing such will offer a small quantity of experience. This recipe will assist you any “toolChisel” OreDictionary entrance, yet a simple chisel has been inserted, too.

The whole quantity of ore and gem blocks will also leave their predicted stones. Because a few mods get the particular asked usage for real ore blocks, they could still be gotten with silk touch, or the author of the pack can insert an easy recipe with CraftTweaker.

Stratification, Compression, and Hardness Mechanics

Divergent Underground inserts 4 strata classes into the Minecraft underground. This leads to the result that the deeper you go down, the darker the stones will get. This is reached with overlays and does not insert any further textures and will assist the resource packs. The colors for every level can be varied in the config, thus if you desire them to get more color, you could do as your liking.

Every hardness level will decrease the speed of your mining by several quantities. By default, these are 0X, 1.5X, 3X, and 5X. If you disapprove of these worth, you could reset them in the config file. Also, if you dislike the opinion of being reduced the speed, yet desire to retain the graphical adjustments, you could fully deactivate it. If the slowdown mode is activated, higher engine tiers will be asked to collect drops from a block, too.

Moreover, blocks indicated to air will get their hardness values decreased. In other words, the cave walls and surface blocks will be simple to explore, yet the strip mining will be strongly disapproved until the players get an upper-level pick.

In addition, the stone could get its hardness based on the blocks surrounding it via the compression mechanic. This will incidentally sniff out the block encircling it and update depending on the harness they get. In other words, the stone patches externalized to light or to cave walls will get softer overtime, after you first explore their surface layers.


The main goal of the following module for Divergent Underground is to get mining more amazing by inserting various hazards. These will contain coal, falling rubble, boulders, unstable stones, explosions, and much more.


We have shown you some elements regardless of Divergent Underground. The mod is also supported by Thermal Expansion, Biomes O’ Plenty, Tinker’s Construct. Please bear in your mind to get Minecraft Forge installed before getting the mod in your modpack.


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For Minecraft: 1.16.1

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