Everlasting Abilities Mod 1.14.4/1.12.2

This Everlasting Abilities Mod 1.14.4/1.12.2 is the mode to help things last forever until you die. Therefore, it is unnecessary to carry all the need items to anywhere you will go.

After downloading it, such important things, such as specific armor or potion bottles, will be much easier for you to come.


When you first step to this Minecraft world, you will receive a random Ability Bottle. After that, you click to this bottle, and then you can move the objects you need to the player.

Previously, if you want to own the moving abilities, you have to have a significant number of experiences. However, if you move your items to the bottle, you are not required such long experience as well as getting up to 20 levels.

Available activities

– Flight: You have the ability to fly

– Step assist: Depends on different levels, it will step to a definite number of block

– Fertility: All the animals have the ability to increase their numbers by giving birth

– Bonemealer: It made the Bone dust in its area

– Power Stare: All the objects in your vision will be pushed away

– Magnetize: attracts all the items near it

– Speed: walks more quickly

– Haste: mines more quickly

– Strength: more dangerous every time fighting

– Jump Boost: Jump to a higher position

– Regeneration: Next generations are born faster

– Fire Resistance: Fire less harms it

– Invisibility: No one can see it

– Water Breathing: breath easily underwater

– Night vision: see through the night

– Absorption: put more absorption heart.

– Slowness: move more slower

– Mining Fatigue: mine slower

– Nausea: Take nauseous

– Blindness: can’t be able to see things clear

– Hunger: More feel hungry

– Saturation: less feel hungry

– Glowing: it starts to shine

– Levitation: it starts to levitating

– Luck: The chances of good loot increase

– Unluck: The chances of good loot decrease

– Poison: turn to poisoned

– Weakness: become weaker

You can find in the loot chests the random ability totems.

If you unluckily die, one of your random abilities will be lost and drop to an Ability Totem.


Everlasting Abilities Mod Download Links

For Minecraft: 1.14.4
For Minecraft: 1.12.2