Floralchemy (Forge) Mod 1.12.2

Floralchemy (Forge) Mod 1.12.2 adds a flower to Minecraft. It can modify oil and other liquid fuels and turn them into mana.

Floralchemy (Forge) Mod 1.12.2
Floralchemy (Forge) Mod 1.12.2

The flower given by the mod is called The Petro Petunia. It is added to the game to turn oil and liquid fuels into mana. There is a configuration option for Fluids and Burn time. You can find power-per-tick in the config file of the mod in the acronym folder.

In version 1.1.0, the Petunia is not changed. However, it is attached more. The mod can function alone itself with an optional dependency on Botania for the Petunia. For more information, you can check the file changelog.

This Cosmetic mod functions as an addon for Botanni. By using it, you will find it easy to create mana in the game.

Here are the fuels supported by default:

  • Oil
  • Diesel
  • Fuel
  • Biodiesel

Floralchemy Mod helps you make mana using oil and liquid fuels.



Here are some simple steps to install name mod for PC:
1. First of all, you have to install Minecraft
2. Locate the Minecraft application folder:
On windows, you open Run from the Start menu, then type %appdata% and click Run.
On Mac open finder, you hold down ALT and click Go then Library in the top menu bar. Then you open the folder Application Support and look for Minecraft.
3. You put name into the Mods folder
4. Finally, you just launch Minecraft and click the mods button and see the name mod is installed now.

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For Minecraft Mod: 1.12.2
Developer: Sky_Som – Source: curseforge
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