FTB Banners Mod 1.12.2

FTB Banners Mod 1.12.2 was launched on Aug 29th, 2018 and there are more or less hundred thousand downloads since that day.

FTB Banners Mod 1.12.2
FTB Banners Mod 1.12.2

The mod allows you to insert simple, drifting pictures in the world with commands. This mod can be used in maps to show the banners on events, such as finishing the entirety tasks in a require-based map. Normal players cannot utilize the commands to vary the banners. Recently, the sole way to adjust the banners is to apply NBT editor (such as FTB Utilities’ /nbtedit). Blocks get to be invisible and unable-to-touch once you are not in the creative mode.

These are some things in terms of FTB Banners Mod 1.12.2 that we desire to show you. please remember to install Minecraft Forge to run the mod effectively and get the best performance while using the mod.


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For Minecraft: 1.12.2
Developer: LatvianModder