Hearth Well Mod 1.12.2

Heart Well Mod 1.12.2 is now available to free download for all Minecraft players.

Hearth Well Mod 1.12.2
Hearth Well Mod 1.12.2

About the Mod

Heart Well belongs to the construction. Without getting out of your house, you will obtain the materials you quest to construct anything you desire. Between making simple blocks and constructing multi-block architectures, you will never be boring.

The goals of the mod are that you construct the machines you have to create a target to your home atmosphere, and everything is as easy as possible, without intricate GUI’s or numbers, whilst still getting enough variety to maintain your participation to be advanced via Heart Well.

To start off in Heart Well, you require two wooden pressure plates. Locate one on per hand. Next, meanwhile viewing straight and sneaking, pray to the saints including the words “Poor”, “Please”, “Send”, “Book”, “Gods”, and break the pressure plates together. In the case, the gods are merciful; they will deliver you a book expounding the definitions of Heart Well.


The first items you need wood in a world of stone. This is the reason why you get that seed in your hand.  Hold the right button and tap it at the floor to create the bud. With wood, you will be capable of making these items:

  • Heavy Ingot: you need several of these items for the left trip on this location.
  • Empty Rod: you just need one or two of this item; hold right-click to full-fill them with some secret life elements.
  • The Crush Block: this block will allow you to smash materials into its tinier compositions.
  • Myst Dust: this can be multiplied by infusing grass with it and waiting. This secret dust is the underlying element for numerous items and blocks in Heart Well.
  • The Amplifying Tube: this will change some items under it into their amplified smelted. It could change stone into lava and viscid block into the water. It asks to get into the sun on the top.
  • The Freezer: this will freeze water into ice, and lava into obsidian. It gets 3 radiuses and uses 5 energies every operation.
  • The Power Crystal: this asks 4 parts to craft: the Nucleous, the Relay, and the Screen. This will vary power, range, and purity. You could locate it by right-clicking.
  • The Charger: this will charge Power Crystals. Right-click with a Power Crystal to add it to the Charger. This asks a multi-block structure crafted Moonstone Blocks, Smooth Onyx Blocks, Mini Gravity Blocks, and Crystal Blocks.
  • Crystal Shards: another crystals shard is asked for plenty of items throughout Heart Well. This can be easily gotten from secret trees.
  • Cores: players utilize the diverse shards on the cores to infuse them with those shard aspects. Next, you need to grow the infused core the asked materials to convert it into something different.
  • Displacers: the Obsidian Displacer can be used and crafted to obtain Obsidian before getting a diamond pickaxe. This allows you to construct the Nether Portal with no diamonds.
  • Nether Crystal: it can be gotten by delivering your crystals via the Nether Portal.
  • Shard Picking: once shorting on a particular shard, the shard selecting table, mixing with a particular Shard Picker, will let you obtain the shard straight from Mysterious Dust.


  • The Precision Grinder: permits you to grind your materials into another. It asks a Grinding Wheel to be added, yet not the entirety operations exist for every grinding wheel.  It can be constructed with 4 Heavy Blocks, 9 Protection Blocks, 2 Slab lamps, and the Precision Grinder Block. It uses 12 Energy each Operation.
  • The Heat Furnace: a multi-block structure that will melt without delaying or usage of materials. It can be constructed with Heat Blocks, Amplifying Tubes, Lava, and Protection Blocks in a line on the button and water in a line on the top. It doesn’t consume any energy yet sometimes it uses some water from the top, particularly when melting larger stacks.
  • The Separator: a multi-block structure that permits you to split intricate constructions into its compositions. These will export the machine in the diverse outputs. It consumes 25 Energy every Operation.
  • The Puller: a multi-block structure that tugs ores from, actually nothing. The taller you construct it, the quicker it tugs. It can be constructed with Heat Blocks, entirely charged Light Collectors, Heavy Protection Blocks, Amplifying Tubes, and liquid souls in the center. It consumes 50 Energy every Operation.

Others Blocks

  • The Gravity Block: this will tug stuffs to it in a small area. It could tile with different Gravity Blocks to tug stronger, or to make a central gravity point among diverse Gravity Blocks.
  • The Anti-Gravity Blocks: this will make an area with a powerful upwards force, the same as to gravity players seem as they get small conduct over their body during walking.


These are some aspects in terms of Heart Well that we desire to show to the player. Download and install the mod to get the awesome items for your Minecraft world. Please remember to install Minecraft Forge to run the mod effectively.


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For Minecraft: 1.12.2
Developer: wolforce
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