Mob Armor Mod 1.12.2/1.8.9

Mob Armor Mod 1.12.2/1.89 inserts in armor that leads you to mobs and it supplies you their abilities. This mod gives you a chance to get armor that could be used for transforming into mobs. When you earn a full set of armor, you receive special abilities that are useful.

Mob Armor Mod 1.12.2/1.8.9
Mob Armor Mod 1.12.2/1.8.9

Let see the features this mod brings to you.


Armor sets

  • Zombie Armor: night vision, the ability to resist the damage and poison, value 20 in total
  • Zombie Pigman Armor: as Zombie Armor but adds the ability to resist the fire and value 27 in total
  • With Skeleton Armor: night vision, ability to resist the fire, damage, poison & wither and invisibility, value 23 in total
  • Spider Armor: night vision, immunization the poison, ability to climb walls by going into them, leaping as spider when punching someone, value 23 in total
  • Creeper Armor: no special effects or buffs, hold C for 100 ticks to create a big explosion, value 24 in total
  • Enderman Armor: night vision, improving the health by 20, hold Shift for 90 ticks to put the ender pearl towards where you want, value 29 in total
  • Blaze Armor: night vision, ability to resist the fire, hold Shift to slide down, Space Button to fly up, attacked by water, value 45 in total
  • Ghast Armor: ability to resist the fire, hold Space Button to fly, value 42 in total
  • Iron Golem Armor: ability to breath under the water and improving the health by 80, punching or double-clicking to smack the opponents, value 67 in total
  • Chameleon: no considerable effects, holding Shift to be invisible, value 20 in total
  • Charged Creeper Armor: no considerable effects, holding C for 200 sticks to get 5x Size Explosion, value 20 in total
  • Cave Spider Armor: night vision, immunization the poison, ability to climb walls by going into them, value 18 in total
  • Wither Armor: night vision, get +280 health, immunization the wither, blindness, damage, hold Space to fly, “C” to attack the skull, “X” to attack wither skills form 2nd and 3rd heads, “V” creates an explosion, value 100 in total


  • Zombie Armor
  • Steve Armor
  • Herobrine Armor
  • Villager Armor
  • Zombie Villager Armor
  • Zombie Pigman Armor
  • Skeleton Armor
  • Wither Skeleton Armor
  • Enderman Armor
  • Blaze Armor
  • Iron Golem Armor
  • Obsidian Golem Armor
  • Creeper Armor
  • Ice Blaze Armor
  • Skeleton Paws Armor
  • Ender Dragon Armor
  • Witch King’s Armor
  • Infernal Armor


  • Iron Smacker
  • Blaze Slasher
  • Flesh Cutter
  • Steve’s Diamond Sword
  • Pigman’s Sword
  • Wither Sword
  • Diamond Smacker
  • Emerald Smacker
  • Obsidian Smacker
  • Dragon Sword
  • Dragon Overlords Hammer
  • Bone Sword
  • Flame Bone
  • Bo Sword
  • Blaze Hammer
  • Blaze Bow
  • Candy Cane
  • Blaze Arrows
  • Blaze Bomb
  • Ice Slasher
  • Infernal Blade
  • Infernal Beast Blade
  • Darkness Sword


  • Steve’s Pickaxe
  • Blaze’s Pickaxe


  • Bob The Zombie Overlord
  • Jack The Pigman King
  • Felix The Skeleton King
  • Skeleton Paws
  • Santa Claws
  • Witch King
  • Villager Zombie Overlord
  • Blaze Knight
  • Ender Knight
  • Ice Blaze Knight
  • Herobrine
  • Infernus The Beast Lord
  • Creeper King
  • Skeleton Wizard
  • Pigman Wizard
  • Mr. Boom


  • Villager Guard
  • Iron Hulk
  • Purpurite Hulk
  • Diamond Hulk
  • Emerald Hulk
  • Obsidian Hulk
  • Villager Archer
  • Dragon Overlord


  • Dark Dimension
  • Divine Dimension
  • Shadow Dimension
  • Magma Dimension

Please remember to install Minecraft Forge before install Mob Armor Mod 1.12.2/1.8.9 for Minecraft to run the mod easily and get the whole experience the mod brings to you.


Mob Armor Mod Download Links

For Minecraft: 1.12.2
For Minecraft: 1.8.9