Nyx Mod 1.12.2

Nyx Mod 1.12.2 was designed to convert along with enhancing the Minecraft’s time of the darkness by inserting factors and events themed associating with the moon, and stars alongside the night sky.


As you have known about the moon in the Minecraft world, it will lighten up when the night wears on, however, it will not associate with anything about the works of those it tracks. This is the reason why Nyx appears. With Nyx, you will able to change some aspects of the dark time which will be useful for you. Take a look at the features of the mod supplies below.

Nyx Mod 1.12.2
Nyx Mod 1.12.2



  • Lunar Shield – an enchantment that allows increasing/decreasing your armor’s damage based on the period of the moon. While being a full moon, it is quite more powerful than Protection. Meanwhile being a new moon, does not have any effect.
  • Lunar Edge – an enchantment that allows augmenting your melee weapons’ power based in the period of the moon. While being a full moon, it is more powerful than Sharpness. Meanwhile being a new moon, does not have any effect. Murdering a mob with it will also offer twice experience when being a full moon.
  • New Mechanic – this varies the game so that you simply utilize an enchantment table while the night. This can be deactivated in the config menu.

Note: Different Lunar variants will be inserted in a future update.

Lunar Events

  • Full Moon Changes – the full-moon nights become rather more dangerous. Monsters appear more regularly and will pop up with some advantageous status effects such as Strength, Resistance, Invisibility, and Speed. Moreover, wolves get entirely hostile to the player and the entireties of passive mobs while being the full-moon nights.
  • Harvest Moon – hardly, the moon and sky will change into a crisp blue, and the overworld will immerse in its quiet light. While being in this event, no hostile mobs appear (avoid wasting slimes) and the crops will develop quite quickly. Slimes keep appearing in the corresponding chunks and can be detected at a bigger size than regular.
  • Blood Moon – The moon and sky will change into a sanguine red, and the overworld will immerse in its dreary light. While being this event, hostile mobs will appear more regularly. Also, they could appear nearer to the player (this is recently deactivated by default, but it can be enabled and modified in the config menu)
  • Falling Stars – if you obverse up the night sky sufficiently long, you could realize a shimmer of white sparkle within your vision. Adhere to it, and you probably get a Fallen Star as a reward, or even quite rarer, a Meteor Shard. (Meteor Shard has recently included no usage, yet it can become useful in the future updates).
  • Star Showers – hardly, the sky will change into a yellow shade, and the dropping stars will appear more and more regular for the whole night.

New Items

  • Fallen Stars – the item that can be detected at the collision zone of a Falling Star. It can be craft into some blocks for the decorative purpose. (there will be some different uses in future updates)
  • Meteor Shard – a quite rarer item that can be detected in the location of a Fallen Star in the collision zone. There have been currently no usage.
  • Lunar Water – if you full-fill a cauldron with water and place it bared to the sky for the whole night, and then in the morning, it will shoot with white particles. Flinging a Lapis Lazuli into the water will convert it into Lunar Water. A cauldron is normally able to generate three bottles of Lunar Water. Drinking a bottle will heal negative status affects you, as well as offer you a quite short recreation effect. This item will get different usages in the future.


These are what Nyx can do for the user who gets it in the modpack. By downloading Nyx, you can experience the nights with more events and items. It will improve your enjoyment when you are playing Minecraft. Tap on the “Download” button and you can get this mod easily. You also remember that you have to install Minecraft Forge before you try Nyx to run the mod effectively. Check it out now.


Nyx Mod Download Links

For Minecraft: 1.12.2
Developer: Ellpeck

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