Power Adapters Mod 1.12.2

Power Adapters Mod 1.12.2 are blocks that convert energy back and forth based on several elements. Find out how this Minecraft mod works!

Power Adapters Mod 1.12.2
Power Adapters Mod 1.12.2

What is this energy block for?

The mod is kind of a useful tool that Minecraft players should use if they want to get energy easily. Although there are plenty of tools released before, this one is still great to use. You will understand why it is so popular like that.

As soon as you add the mod to have a block, it will start accepting elements, such as MJ Power, RF, Forge Energy, and Tesla. The purpose of the block is to convert elements into universal powers that can be changed back into those types. It sounds convenient, right? You can easily get a huge amount of power using the energy blocks.

An interesting thing about the block is that it does not require any crafting recipe. In other words, you just simply install it in the game then start using it without crafting it. The mod is for modpack developers. So, they can install and make it go with their balance systems and progression.

Different amounts of energy for elements produced by Power Adapters

The mod produces different amounts of energy for all elements mentioned above. So, here are detailed amounts:

  • For Tesla, the mod generates 25 power for it.
  • For Forge Energy, it receives 25 power from the block.
  • About Redstone Flux, it gets 25 power from the block as well.
  • Minecraft Joules is the strongest one when it receives up to 100 power from the energy block.

Now, you may have understood why Power Adapters are useful. These blocks do help create more universal powers and they are kind of suitable for Modpack developers. Start using it now and try to get all the power!


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For Minecraft Mod: 1.12.2
Developer: DarkhaxDev

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