Silent’s Gems Mod 1.18.1/1.16.5/1.12.2

Silent’s Gems Mod 1.18.1/1.16.5/1.12.2 for Minecraft has inserted 48 additional gems into the Minecraft world. These can be applied for crafting a diversity of building blocks (gem blocks, bricks, glass, lamps) and other handy items. Also, these gems can be applied for creating tools and armour if Silent Gear has been installed.

Silent's Gems Mod 1.18.1/1.16.5/1.12.2
Silent’s Gems Mod 1.18.1/1.16.5/1.12.2

Main Features:

  • Integrated assistance for Silent Gear – no more data packed needed
  • Blocks – bricks, pedestals, teleporters, etc.
  • Enchantment Tokens – make use of your resource to enchant tools, rather than XP. They should operate with mostly different mods.
  • Chaos Gems – similar to the reusable potions, but it could create different impacts. Additional runes can be appointed with data packs.
  • Return Home Charm – roll back to asset dot from the beginning, even across dimensions.
  • Soul Urns – Portable memory, similar to shulker boxes, but with an advanced system.

Requirement: Silent Lib is forced to be downloaded. Silent Gear is not compulsory but suggested for the entire sensation in 1.14+. You should also download JEI


There are 48 additional gems, split into three sets of sixteen. The world generation settings are still operated on. Recently, gems are incidentally defined to per biome in the overworld, yet multi-gem ore is born in the Nether and The End. The randomness is created with your PC username (this is not gathered or saved, the mod just takes on a hash code from the worth). Glowroses bearing in the overworld will be suitable gems that bear in that biome.

Gem Sets

  • Classic – Seen in the overworld. Heights, vein amount, and frequency are randomly selected by biome.
  • Dark – Seen in the Nether at mostly heights, from around lava levels to downer ceiling. They are more obscure in color than traditional gems and have a few disparate shades.
  • Light – Seen at the End at mostly heights. They are more brightening in color than traditional gems and have a few disparate shades.

Tools and Armor

Note: This part describes the gear system eliminated in the current versions. It has been kept as a reference for now. This is akin to, yet disparate from the Silent Gear system.

Supercharger (Silent Gear)

The supercharger is a block that could improve Silent Gear key parts. It’s slightly expensive to install (the pillars asked the full blocks of various items), yet supercharging can significantly improve materials. Gems react especially will to the supercharging. It does not operate on the former tool/armour system.

Enchantment Token

With enchantment token, you could have what you desire, for a suitable price. Also, they should operate with the tools from the almost different mod (excluding Tinker Construct). Obviously, you could still apply the enchantment tables if you want.

How to use: Create the enchantment token you desire (you’ll obtain the one level of the enchantment every token), then create the token with a tool. You could create a plant of tokens with a tool at the same time, just place one token in every slot. Regular enchanting rules use. Remember that the enchantment tables will not operate on something that is enchanted, yet token will.

Gear Souls

Gear souls are an updated section for Silent Gear items. Souls possess their own experience system and will get the upper level with usage. Recently, they are not complete but can be used.

A gear soul will accompany one or two aspects, based on the soul gems applied to create it. Both aspects insert some underlying modifiers and have impacts on what skills can be gathered. The initial aspect has a better effect than the second one on both stats and traits.

Soul Traits

Gear Souls will gather new traits as soon as the level is higher. These are just normal Silent Gear traits, which will be inserted into the item the soul is a section of. Recently, the kit of the trait is restricted, yet you will be possible to insert any trait as potential soul traits when the system is bigger.

Soul gems

These are key crafting components for gear souls. Moreover, it asked to create soul urns. Soul gems possess one or two aspects that appoint the aspects and assets of gear souls. The aspects of per soul gem are incidentally chosen depended on the world seed. Drop rates are partly random, yet can be adjusted in the config.

Soul gems are immediately crafted for all living creatures, consisting of creatures from different mods, anytime possible. Note that soul gems could be crafted creatures that do not bear or are not able to be killed.

Using In Recipe and Loot Tables

Various kinds of soul gems are classified by NBT. Silent’s Gems inserts an ingredient kind to let particular soul gems to be applied in recipes. A function is inserted to let particular soul gems to be smoothly created by loot tables.

Soul Urns

Soul urns are storage blocks that keep their inventory when destroyed, same to shulker boxes. A soul gem is asked to create them, but the kind of soul will not affect the urn. There is a lid that can be used for opening, closing, or draining away completely. If a lid is not closed, soul urns will drag items as a hopper (yet do not thrust items to different inventories). They are ready to update the system.

Soul urns could be dyed into any colour (similar mechanics as leather armour) and can be placed with any of 48 gems. These features are entirely cosmetic. The colour of an urn or its gem can be varied by easily creating it with dyes or gems. Right-clicking it on a cauldron will set again the clay color to that of fired terracotta. Putting the urn in a creating grid on its own will untie the lid, crafting a “lidless” urn which is always open. Reiterate to recover the lid.

Chaos Gems

Chao gems use impacts called buffs to players when enabled. Almost buffs are easily potion impacts. If put on a pedestal and exposed a Redstone signal (lever, pressure plate, etc.), the chaos gems will use the buffs to all close players.

Once enabled, chaos gems will create chaos. The chaos will come to the player if in a player’s inventory, or the overworld if on a pedestal. Chaos orbs can be applied to imbibe the chaos securely.

Buff and Runes

Chaos runes are items that are created with chaos gems to appoint buff to them. Every rune will use one level of the buff. Remember that chaos gems are limited to the number of accessible slots. Upper-level buffs applied additional slots, yet usually just one or two every additional level.

Disparate buffs will create respectively counts if chaos based on some terms. Almost, it will create some chaos every time once enabled, yet some will only create their entire count when you would receive the advantage from the impact. For instance, fire immunization generates extra chaos when you are on fire.

Chaos gem buffs are appointed with JSON files and could be inserted with data packs. Recently, you could only appoint potion buffs. Remember to insert a recipe for the rune, thus you could virtually get it in the survival game.


Pedestals can be applied to simply show the items, yet get some particular functions for exact items. Chaos gems can use buffs to players in a small zone when on a pedestal given a Redstone signal. If chaos orbs are set on a pedestal, any chaos created close will be imbibed by the orbs, rather than being launched into the world.

Pedestals can only keep a sole item at a time (even able-to-stack), but they could allow items from hoppers, and perhaps other item changing ways.


Silent’s Gem has some economically priced teleporters to apply. There are three sorts in total: regular, Redstone, and anchors. These teleporters are partly “dumb”. They do not really wonder if different teleporters are available at the finish, yet you are required two teleporters to put the finish. Recipes can be turned off in the config.

How to use:

Put any mixture of the teleporters you desire (even it is anchors). Utilize a Teleporter Linker to link pairs. You could connect ant of three kinds together as what you want. Bear in your mind that there are not real “link” between them. The linker just informs the teleporters where they give things. Make efforts to utilize anchors to set up one-way linking.

Teleporting will create some chaos, only when the distance is under an exact count. If the distance is in the “free-range”, the chaos will not be made.


Regular – ability to teleport the players that right-clicking on them

Redstone – alongside the function of the normal teleporters, these can be enabled by the Redstone pulse. Moreover, they could also teleport the players who are not entities.

Anchors – Unable to teleport anything, yet the different teleporter sorts and rollbacks home enchantments could connect with it. Also much more economical!


Chaos could be said as “pollution system”. The world always possesses some count of chaos and it is not too much harm. There is a point that supports balancing the fluctuating that chaos levels will displace over time, improve or remove to approach to the equilibrium.

Both the world and all players have chaos. Players will gradually release the chaos to the world. The world will make chaos disappear gradually if over the equilibrium point.

Absorbing Chaos

Chaos orbs can be applied to absorb chaos securely. The chaos that would have been inserted to the player can be imbibed if the player is holding an orb. The chaos that would come to the world can be imbibed if an orb is on a close pedestal. Chaos orbs will destroy after imbibing a set count of chaos. Additionally, they are not entirely effective, leaking out a few chaoses they would have absorbed into the world.

Chaos Events

Chaos can lead to exact events to happen. All chaos events have the shortest chaos level that must be achieved before they could enable. The opportunity an event will happen that will improve once chaos levels rise over the minimum. At the minimum chaos, the probability is entirely poor. However, you need to note that chaos events consume a large count of chaos when they happen.

This work is in development. Recently, there are two events: incidental lighting strikes (the min chaos is partly poor, at 150,000) and broken stone/dirt blocks (the min chaos is partly high, at 1 million). Broken blocks will leave dust when destroyed and have no particular impacts. There is an item to recover them, yet it is not able to craft.

Chaos (Legacy 1.12.2)

This part describes the former chaos system from Silent’s Gem 2. The players have to think about it like a “magic energy system”, where the additional system is more as a “pollution system”.


Glowroses are the flower, which emits the light, which bears naturally all over the world. Their light is sufficient to stop mob spawns only two blocks away (configurable). The varieties that bear also occur to be suitable for the gem ores that will bear in the biome.

In 1.14.2, Glowroses can be grown in the vanilla flower pots. The pots with light-emitting generate more light than free pots.


Silent’s Gem inserts some enchantments. You can obtain them via enchantment tokens, or the enchanting table.

  • Life Steal – the player is cured for a little fraction of the damage they create. Almost only for melee, but it also operates with flinging tomahawks.
  • Ice Aspect – enchanted swords with Ice Aspect will freeze the objective, make it slow and immoveable temporary. Moreover, the objective will receive the “cold” damage over time whilst freezing. Mobs naturally resistant to fire will take additional damage.
  • Lighting Aspect – enchanted swords with Lighting Aspect will give the power to the objective, make them weak, and create the damage over time. Also, the electric charge could jump to different close mobs, despite the decreasing intensity. Perfect for controlling the crowd, yet you should watch out with this one.
  • Concentration – improve the magic damage created by the weapon. The math is similar to the Sharpness enchantment. This cannot be used for different damage-increasing enchantments.
  • Gravity – decreases or entirely removes (based on the level) the speed penalty  for collecting blocks whilst flying or underwater

Different Helpful Items

  • Return Home Charm – right-clicking on a teleporter (anchors are good) to link it with that place. To teleport, hold the right-clicking for an exact count of time (24 ticks by default) then launch. Teleporting will create chaos, based on the distance.
  • Holding Gem – Functions similarly to the torch bandolier, exclude you could set it to save/put any block and it saves a bigger count. Simply create the block you desire to put with and an empty holding gem. You could vary the set block after that, yet the holding gem has to empty.
  • Summon Kitty/ Summon Puppy – bear a tamed cat or dog. You could also give it a name in an anvil, just as bear eggs.
  • Fluffy Puffs – plant-like cotton applied to create soft things (wool, string, fluffy blocks, and feathers). You could get seeds by searching natural fluffy puff plants in the exact sorts of the biome. Grow the seeds to get the fluffy puffs
  • Fluffy Blocks will decrease/refuse drop damage when you crash on them, based on the count of being stacked.


These are all aspects in terms of Silent’s Gem Mod that we could show to the player. Bear in your mind that the mod asks the installation of Minecraft Forge and Silent Lib to boot and run effectively. Download the mod and experience what the mod will supply for you. We all believe that the mod will not disappoint you. Get it and change your Minecraft with its features.


Silent’s Gems Mod Download Links

For Minecraft: 1.18.1
For Minecraft: 1.17.1
For Minecraft: 1.16.5
For Minecraft: 1.16.4
For Minecraft: 1.16.3
For Minecraft: 1.16.1
For Minecraft: 1.15.2
For Minecraft: 1.14.4
For Minecraft: 1.13.2
For Minecraft: 1.12.2
For Minecraft: 1.11.2
For Minecraft: 1.9.2
For Minecraft: 1.8.9
For Minecraft: 1.7.10
Developer: SilentChaos512 – Source: curseforge
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5/5 - (5 votes)

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