Solar Flux Mod 1.7.10

Solar Flux Mod 1.7.10 will add Redstone Flux generators that run off of sunlight. Besides that, this mod also adds  6 tiers of solar panels to increase energy generation rates, internal energy storage, and faster energy transfer rates. So this is a useful mod that you should not miss in the future.

Solar Flux Mod 1.7.10
Solar Flux Mod 1.7.10

About Solar Flux mod

In fact, the 6 tiers of solar panels of this mod will use the Thermal Expansion‘s,  Redstone Flux,  energy system. The lowest tier can produce 2 Rf/t and the highest tier can produce 4.096 KRF/t.

You even can upgrade the solar panel’s efficiency easily when using this mod. It is obvious that, with your upgrading, they can produce even in low light, RF Capacity, and compatibility with machines. That is why solar panels can maximize their capabilities with just your touch. Even that, when the Machine Traversal Upgrade is installed, RF can be transferred directly to connected machines.

Another special thing is that Solar Flux’s solar panels are fully configurable, so you can change each tier’s block height from cover size up to full block.  , production rate, RF Storage by using a wrench, and transfer rate.

With the function of the Solar Flux mod, it totally can be a useful tool for you when using. Like other mods, it also requires Minecraft Forge to be installed before. Please try and get the great experiences that this mod brings to you.


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For Minecraft Mod: 1.7.10
Developer: _ForgeUser14240544

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