The Eight Fabled Blades Mod 1.12.2

The Eight Fabled Blades Mod 1.12.2 is a mod that inserts 8 swords. Each of them has disparate damage, strengths, and enchants ability and usage. These fabled swords will not able to craft or fix. To get them, rather than traditional making, you have to find out for the respective texture (such as igloos) and loot them.

The Eight Fabled Blades Mod 1.12.2
The Eight Fabled Blades Mod 1.12.2


Arrow Slasher

  • Particular place: Village Blacksmith Forges, and Jungle Temples
  • By default, there will be 100% opportunity to cut the arrows, disable the bow users

Disenchanting Saber

  • Particular place: Nether Fortresses and Stronghold (Particularly in Libraries)
  • By default, there will be 8% chances to disenchant enemies. This means you could decrease or disable the enchantment of the enemies. Players’ inventory is removed to be disenchanted, too.


  • Particular place: Abandoned Mineshafts and Dungeon
  • By default, defeats the opponent in the far distance. This can be also enchanted with strike-back to considerably improve its strike-back power.

Heart Piercer

  • Particular place: Desert Temples and Jungle Temples
  • By default, the offensive will have a 30% chance to use heart piercer alongside the armor pierced.

Lunar Edge

  • Particular place: Igloos
  • By default, this possesses an ability that could be used when the night wears on (right-click to use). This ability helps you to be invisible and lunar adaptive radiation. Offensive finishes the invisibility and lunar adaptive radiation, but applies the broken hope for your enemies.

Shield Breaker

  • Particular place: Village Blacksmith Forges and Desert Temple
  • By default, it possesses a passive ability to remove the shield for a longer time than an ax.

Sword of the Great End

  • Particular place: End Cities
  • By default, every effect by enemies is tampered with.

Sword Slicer

  • Particular place: Igloos and Nether Fortresses
  • By default, the offensive guillotines the enemies’ main hand or the others. By “slice”, this means it destroys the enemies’ item if it is able to damage. If it is not a sword, the “slice” damage will be folded in two. Similarly, this will apply for items that are not tools but able to damage. When cutting these items or the items do not create damage, it gives a chance to decrease its stack amount (or break it if it turns to zero) if it is able to stack together or cut it into pieces.


These status effects can be gotten via hacks, or not edition, or being cut by a specific sword.

  • Armor Pierced: By default, every level disables 25% armor and the armors’ durability for those who are created with this status effect.
  • Heart Piercer: Recover the cripples’ health dramatically (increase/recovery health is divided into 10) and by default, it will destroy whoever possesses this status effect.
  • Interfered: To Enderman, it is not able to teleport commonly. It could only teleport when assailed with bow or touched with the water. Players who are impacted by this cannot move by applying an ender pearl. The ender pearls have been used cannot be returned.
  •  Lunar Adaptive Radiation: Player who possesses this cannot have the invisibility and this status effect when they assail if they ever possessed one. Assailing with this status effect uses broken hope to the enemies.
  • Broken Hope: Decrease the damage output (not only the melee damage), and assail speed to whoever possesses this status effect.


The Eight Fabled Blades Mod 1.12.2 asks the installation of Minecraft Forge before installing the mod to run smoothly. Install this now to get the new experience.


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For Minecraft: 1.12.2
4.7/5 - (9 votes)
4.7/5 - (9 votes)

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