Too Many Efficiency Losses Mod 1.12.2

Too Many Efficiency Losses Mod 1.12.2 offers the player the ultimate management for Grid Power in Extra Utilities 2. Let’s test the higher-level customization ability now!

Too Many Efficiency Losses Mod 1.12.2
Too Many Efficiency Losses Mod 1.12.2


It is an MC mod that will be for Minecraft 1.12.2 until the time that Extra Utilities 2 receives a new update.

Its appearance has fixed a lot of issues.

About problems in the past

If you have ever used Extra Utilities 2, you could get into trouble. In fact, the efficiency loss is unpredictable.

If you own a water mill farm of 36, you can lose approximately 50% of the power.

Further, the result turns more aggravating when you supplement more factories.

Meanwhile, there was not an option to disable that.

Fortunately, you can escape from that case for sure.

The final aim

You can customize in Extra Utilities 2 at a greater level.

Besides, there is an impressive effort in causing the code to be very active. Therefore, releases to EU2 next time will not have to kick off big patches.

Features of Too Many Efficiency Losses

There are some key features in Too Many Efficiency Losses.

Various utilities:

They are the choices to switch off the efficiency loss and GP. Moreover, you can adjust the GP productivity rates for every generator separately.

Other possibilities:

Have a selection for lessened efficiency loss rather than fully deactivating it

Editable the Extra Utilities config

Spot and solve the Shift-Click crash in that section


It’s compatible with Extra Utilities Fixes


Extra Utilities and Minecraft Forge


It’s feasible to include in any Modpack with or without credit!

Experience the end goal of Too Many Efficiency Losses Mod and you can reset in a much higher rank. Download Minecraft Forge and remember to install it before you start! You will have more time to relax.


Too Many Efficiency Losses Mod Download Links

For Minecraft Mod: 1.12.2
Developer: jamiebrassel__

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