Vanilla Hammers Mod 1.14.4

Vanilla Hammers Mod 1.14.4 is a Minecraft mod that was created to add more vanilla materials to another usage-case in the Minecraft world. If you are a player who thinks that hammer would be a fine addition to the Minecraft world, the mod is designed for you.

Vanilla Hammers Mod 1.14.4
Vanilla Hammers Mod 1.14.4

Vanilla Hammers has been built to insert a group of various hammers into the Minecraft world whereas these could not seem helpful at all when starting, they could support a little bit in many different cases and perhaps you will not desire to escape them when you have discovered how useful they are

Features and Functionality

The Vanilla Hammer mod includes nine various hammers in total and each of them can be easily crafted from one of the vanilla materials in Minecraft. Depended on the rarity of the materials the player use, the stats of the hammers will be shown equivalent.

The hammers have a similar exploring level like the cooperators of the vanilla Minecraft world yet they are stronger so they will exist for a longer time. One issue is that the hammer is a little slower for usage yet this is offset by the fact they support the player to explore a 3×3 range facing them.

Compatibility and Technical Elements

As Vanilla Hammers only inserts the additional items to the game and does not change any default function of Minecraft, this mod will not lead to any technical problem when it is used with the accurate versions of Minecraft.


Vanilla Hammer 1.14.4 is the mod that the new hammers to the Minecraft world. Some players can think it is useless but we all believe that you will discover how helpful it is if you try it. Remember to install Minecraft Forge before installing this mod and get the experience the mod brings to you.


Vanilla Hammers Download Links

For Minecraft Fabric version: 1.14.4
For Minecraft Forge version: 1.14.4
5/5 - (9 votes)
5/5 - (9 votes)

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