VanillaFoodPantry Mod [FORGE] Mod 1.15.2/1.14.4/1.12.2

VanillaFoodPantry Mod 1.15.2/1.14.4/1.12.2(VFP for short) inserts modern usages standard Minecraft plants and farm animals. Take a look at what we show below before you try this mod.

Overviews about the mod

When using VanillaFoodPantry Mod, you will receive plentiful vanilla items including odd-ball such as poison potatoes along with new usage regard to food and these are the reason that why you should get it into the modpack.

VanillaFoodPantry Mod [FORGE] Mod 1.15.2/1.14.4/1.12.2
VanillaFoodPantry Mod [FORGE] Mod 1.15.2/1.14.4/1.12.2

Furthermore, several of these items also operate as a substitute source of brewing composition like magma cream. More to the point, VanillaFoodPantry provides additional methods to host the vast amount of standard foods as well as potions.

These sections are what you should know clearly before you desire to use VanillaFoodPantry.

Additives and Activators

Additives and activators are slight factors and ingredients that you ask for the major food recipes. Specified compositions are hardly able to be eaten, but it can be used for different recipes and it has an effect on getting these recipes distinctive and adaptable with different food mods in the Minecraft world.

The major additives and activator agents in VFP: drying agent, fizz, what-what power, enzyme extractor, leavening, jungle-juju juice, and curdling agent.

  • Drying Agent – for usage to make food powders, flours, and different composition similar to power.
  • Leavening – for usage to make dough for pies, dumplings, and slices of bread.
  • Curdling Agent – for the usage of yogurts as well as soft cheese.
  • Enzyme Extractor – for usage to get rennet from plant sources for creating cheese along with purging zombie flesh.
  • Fizz – for the usage to supply the caffeinated sugar power asked for fizzy sugar drinks as well as tonics.
  • Jungle–Juju juice – concoction for usage to make items such as poisonous potatoes and putrid flesh.
  • What-What Power – activator for usage to extract the Juju composition from forestry vines along with different stuff.

Flour and Dough

The majority of the baked products in VanillaFoodPantry ask flour or dough. Flour is created from crafting wheat/together with several drying agents, meanwhile simple dough is created from crafting flour, a bit of water, and leavening together.


Utilizing a bucket of milk as an alternation for a small quantity of milk in something similar to a bread recipe is weird. Also, stuff such as steaks and pork-chops is a thoroughly costly method to generate a piece of sandwich that means you need to kill a cow or pig just to obtain a bit of them. VanillaFoodPantry utilizes the concept of portion in numerous recipes of it to permit you to blend fewer costly resources (such as vegetables and wheat) with more costly ones (such as anything that asks clobbering animals) to create respective or better food than those items dependently.

Food Powers

Food Powers are meant to be dehydrated portions of the items such as melons, milk, as well as pumpkin. The majority of food powers originate from a sole source thing, yet several are compound powers while some others are made from various source items. Food powers are the main factor to plenty of multi-flavors such as cream soups, milk drinks where a food power is used to make a “flavored” distortion of an underlying recipe.

Bits O’ Heat

Plentiful recipes in this mod ask you to smelt an uncooked version of the last food thus you could gather Xp. Nevertheless, VFP possesses some recipes that do not need to smelt where you transform uncooked items into a last cooked, can be eaten right on the crafting table. To insert a small dose of reality that the compositions for more complicated recipes are melted and not automatically transformed, you will have to insert a bit o’ heat as a composition on the crafting table.

Rock Salt and Natron (Sodium Bicarbonate)

VanillaFoodPantry inserts several new ores to the standard Minecraft game. The major new ore is named rock salt and you utilize it to make purified salt for usage in the food preparation process. You obtain rock salt crystals once you explore a rock salt block. Every crystal generates 6 big purified salt portions which you wield straight in the recipes for salted meats. The majority of the different recipes wield a tinier portion, a bit o’ salt, which you obtain from the bigger portion.

New Mob Drops

VanillaFoodPantry inserts several new animal drops into the standard Minecraft world. The VFP animal drops will insert to the normal drops for the huge farm mobs such as pigs and cows and will give something new for wolves, polar bears, horses, or bats.

Pantry Storage

Along with the new foods, VanillaFoodPantry inserts some new methods to enlarge the capacity of the food you can host in a small hosting system (or just some chests if that’s as complicated as you obtain). Our hosting items are not customizable inventory containers such as the chest.


These are all about VanillaFoodPantry that we would like to show you. This is one of the most diverse mods with regard to food in the Minecraft world. It will provide you more than things we show there since there are more elements that you should discover by yourself. You also need to install Minecraft Forge to run VanillaFoodPantry effectively. Check it out right now!


VanillaFoodPantry Mod Download Links

For Minecraft: 1.15.2
For Minecraft: 1.14.4
For Minecraft: 1.12.2
For Minecraft: 1.11.2
For Minecraft: 1.8.9
Developer: The_Wabbit0101

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